In this magnificent  tea growing  land  with daytime summer temperatures hovering at 35C. the tea sapling still puts up a brave front with no sign of wilting in the heat. New branches have sprung out. Trying to keep the ground cool with mulch and natural vegetation. Tea plants are hardy yet  a little bit of fussing around them  does help.

If left untended this creeper could overtake my wee cottage very soon. With beautiful blue bell flowers it has completely covered an entire window with grills and all. In the summer days the room is bathed in a soft diffused shade of green which is so pleasing to the eye.




While not too far off in  a large expanse of wet low land a canvas on wildlife unfolds. Maintaining respectable distances various herd graze on the green grass. Elephants, Rhinos water buffaloes, boars and deer and other species add warmth and richness to the landscape.




Plucking tea leaves under humid conditions is no smiling matter but Laxmi is favourable at being clicked. She has two kids who attend the local school and she hopes they continue up to high school. She regrets that she had to dropout of school early to earn her living.




Tea enthusiasts will know it is time for the second flush when the forests are a flame with this vibrant scarlet orange and crimson blooms. Planted along highways and parks it gives a visual delight to the landscape. The fallen flowers make a nice red carpet at the foot of the tall trees. Botanical name is Delonix Regia, but beneath the weight of that name is a tree that gives such pleasing memories of long summers and well spent holidays.

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