Within the boundary wall of a 200x 500 sq.ft of land is a safe and peaceful haven which is home to us and other creatures. In the last 10 years we at Heritage Tea Farms have consistently added value and love to this property so that the soil and its surroundings reap the benefits resulting in the growth and survival of a myriad of ferns, herbs and insects which attract variety of birds, butterflies, countless bees and beetles.



A simple stroll down the pathways leading to the young tea bushes may
delight one to see the ladybirds trundling along , or dragonflies hovering
over flowers and tiny birds with very long beaks elegantly reaching for
the honey within the flowers. In the stillness of the evenings when the
fireflies appear, one needs to quieten the mind and the soul to partake of
this harmonious blend of colours and symphony on display. The vibrant
bio-dynamic eco system allows for some interesting snippets.

Never a dull moment when outdoors.

Colourful butterflies keep flitting from flower to flower unmindful of being observed from up-close .






At times I sense that they have drunk themselves into oblivion the nectar from the flowers as they sit stock still and do not move at all. Out for the count!! I say.

Whilst enjoying my first cup of tea in the mornings I am never short of company. The mynah strolls across the yard sometimes in pairs.

I know the two of them have made their nest in the room upstairs which is yet to be furnished. They let out quite a screech when I happen to
enter the room for some work. I take that as an appeal requesting for more time – so I leave them to carry on.

The crows can be quite noisy on any given day, but once on a windswept rainy morning, a little chick fell on the driveway not knowing how to fly. Her family occupied every ledge and sill they could perch on and silently egged her on to a safe corner, every so often making daring swoops on any one going too close to inspect the baby crow. Do not mess with crows. I concluded, they have a strong sense of clan.

That eternal question – Why did the chicken cross the road?


Well, mine crosses the front porch umpteen number of times. Never quite able to make up her mind which way to go. She pecks on the fallen biscuit crumbs and darts out of the way quick as a flash. She remains smitten with her partner the ever handsome white rooster – Mr.Higgins . While she happily lays eggs for us at regular intervals . Those poached eggs taste just divine on warm buttered toast. Thank you Dame.

The house cats are a breed apart. Such lovable creatures always purring and in demanding mode. For attention, affection, a belly-rub, or a lap for curling up. Absolutely adore the way they hold their own turf when the pet dogs snarl at them. Then it is arced backs, tails upright, claws out and venomous hisses. If all this fails then the lightening fast swipe with tiny paws and claws, sends the doggies yelping. Peanuts – here wants to know if she can help me while I potter around my plants?


Otherwise “I shall jump onto your shoulder” as she often does when she sees me engrossed reading or doing anything else other than love and play with her.



While the sparrows occupy the bushes and short trees with thick foliage their endless chirpings is a constant source of delight.

Witnessed a recent sparrow squabble, which resulted in one of them landing flat on the ground very near my feet. Fearing the worst she was
lifted up gently. Perhaps the warmth of the morning sunshine and the loving palm holding her, helped revive her.


She straightened herself not in the least perturbed , rested for a while , still sitting on the palm of the hand , then flew off safely on to the nearest branch. That shall go down as one of my favourite early morning experience.






At the Heritage Tea Farm, not only do we specialize in handcrafted teas but we also co-exist mewrilly and chirpilly patting down ruffled feathers and bruised egos as we take steps to help impact the environment for the better.

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