It is rightly said big things come in small packages. It rings true for this special person. Just sinew and bones to his frame of 4.5ft. Started his career as a carpenter knocking up tea chests in the good old days when teas were shipped in chestlets and not in paper bags of today. With a slight stoop to his back he weathered all conditions till he retired. When opportunity came calling he was ready with his tools to hammer down nails, saw a plank, assemble bits and pieces of things. His countenance  always serene and positive. I chanced upon his family one day and was delighted to learn that he had 14 grandchildren. All lived in a modest settlement more like an extension of small houses. Needless to say it was the happiest household I have ever seen. Our man has been working  with us at Assam Heritage Tea  which we set up 7 years ago. It was more like a continuation of mutual respect which started when the better half was his boss years ago in one of the large Tea Estates. Chest lets have become redundant, and  occasional, and our man is comfortable  operating the tea machinery. Times have changed but life continues. Upon my request during the lean season last year he made us a much needed dining table with 6 chairs. I could not detect a single flaw. He relishes his cup of tea with as much interest he shows to the processing of the teas. From temperature control to withering to rolling and drying he monitors it all. The younger lot call him ‘nana’ aka grandfather but he is the first to arrive and the last to leave the factory premises. Age is no factor it is just a number. A salute to men behind the tea.

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